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UNISIM Virtual Platforms

UNISIM Virtex 5 FXT Simulator
A full system simulator of a Xilinx ML507 development board based on a Xilinx Virtex-5 FXT chip. The simulator simulates the embedded processor block (PPC440x5 + Crossbar + MCI + DCR Bus Controller) and some Xilinx Platform Studio IPs (XPS IntC, XPS Timer/Counter, XPS UART Lite, XPS GPIO). The simulator can emulate a terminal console over the UART Lite (UART Lite I/Os are redirected to an external telnet client over TCP/IP). The simulator can also boot Linux for Xilinx Virtex-5 FXT.
All releases:
UNISIM ppcemu Simulator
A user level PowerPC simulator with support of ELF32 binaries and Linux system call translation. This simulator can run simple PowerPC Linux applications.
All releases:
UNISIM ppcemu-system Simulator
A full system simulator of a "PowerMac G4 PCI" like machine (MPC7447A/MPC107) with Linux boot support.
All releases:
UNISIM embedded-ppc-g4-board Simulator
A full system simulator of an MPC7447A/MPC107 board with support of ELF32 binaries and targeted for industrial applications. The simulator can be driven and stimulated by an external program (over TCP/IP) through a fake peripheral (PCI stub) on the simulated PCI bus.
All releases:
UNISIM ARMemu Simulator
A user level ARMv5te simulator with support of ELF32 binaries and Linux system call translation. This simulator can run simple ARMv5te Linux applications.
All releases:
UNISIM AVR32emu Simulator
A user level AVR32A simulator with support of ELF32 binaries and AVR32 Newlib target-to-host system call translation.
All releases:

Available soon...

UNISIM TMS320C3X Simulator
A TMS320C3X DSP simulator with support of TI COFF binaries, and TI C I/O (RTS run-time).
All releases:


A tool to generate the C++ source of an instruction set simulator from a description of an instruction set architecture (.isa files).
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Cross tool-chains
GNU Cross tool-chains
Some cross tool-chains to compile C/C++ programs for the PowerPC G4, PPC440, ARM926EJ-S and AVR32 targets, e.g. for the UNISIM ppcemu, UNISIM ppcemu-system, UNISIM ARMEmu and UNISIM AVR32emu simulators. These are extensively based on Crosstool-NG.
All releases:
cross-GDB for C3x/C4x
A GDB patched to support C3x/C4x for the UNISIM TMS320C3X 2.0 simulator.
Latest release:
All releases:
Mini Linux Distributions
Mini Linux Distributions adapted for the UNISIM ppcemu-system and UNISIM Virtex 5 FXT Simulators. The distributions are based on Busybox and the MiBench version 1 benchmarks.
All releases:
TMS320C3X unit tests and benchmarks
The unit tests and benchmarks that served to validate the UNISIM TMS320C3X Simulator. Please read the UNISIM TMS320C3X Simulator manual for more informations.
All releases:
Virtex-5 FXT unit tests
The basic system level unit tests that served to validate some of the UNISIM Virtex 5 FXT Simulator peripherals. Please read the UNISIM Virtex 5 FXT Simulator manual for more informations.
All releases:

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The web site has been migrated to a new server. Please note that contact mails have changed too. More to come…stay tuned!

Virtual Platforms



We would like to thank Digiteo that supported us in making the UNISIM virtual platforms available to the community.


We presented a poster at the poster sessions of the HiPEAC'12 conference, January 23-25, 2012, Paris, France. The HiPEAC conference provides a forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers, and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems. The conference aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge and the promotion of international contacts among scientists from academia and industry.

On-going evaluation

A UNISIM virtual platform of a Xilinx Virtex-5 FXT is being evaluated by project partners in the context of OPEES (Open Platform for the Engineering of Embedded Systems), a European project that aims to ensure long-term availability of critical / embedded systems engineering technologies to secure industry competitiveness and development.